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October 15, 2010

Call for Submissions: Pen in Hand

Paul Lagasse, the new Managing Editor of Pen in Hand, the MWA’s quarterly membership newsletter, is pleased to announce that he is now accepting submissions for the Winter 2011 issue. The issue will be appearing in January 2011.

Pen in Hand publishes:

  • Tips and techniques on the art, craft, and business of writing and publishing
  • How-to advice for writers
  • News items and features on upcoming events of interest to MWA members and friends (please keep the publication date of the issue in mind when submitting dated items!)
  • Interviews with noteworthy people such as MWA meeting guest speakers
  • Short-short stories and poetry

Word limit: 300-400 words for features, stories, and poetry; 100 words for news items.

Payment: Your story in print. Pen in Hand acquires no rights beyond first publication.

Deadline: Monday, November 15, 2010.

Pen in Hand reserves the right to edit for length, grammar and spelling as appropriate. Publication will depend on factors such as timeliness, relevance, professionalism, and available space.

Submission Requirements:

  • You must be a current MWA member to be considered for publication.
  • Submissions should be in unformatted text and included in the body of an email message. Please include a brief bio. If line art or halftones will accompany your submission, please specify that in your e-mail and the editor will provide formatting guidelines.
  • Include “PIH” in the e-mail subject line and send to Paul Lagasse at Questions and queries are encouraged.

Our ideal is to match Pen in Hand to the needs and interests of our members. With your help, each issue can approach that ideal a little closer. If you’d like us to explore a particular theme, let us know.