Six Questions for Agent Lauren Clark

by Carolee Noury

Writers know it’s a good idea to get to know an agent before pitching to and/or querying her. In that spirit, here’s an opportunity to meet Lauren Clark, of Kuhn Projects literary agency. She will be one of four agents participating in the practice pitch sessions at the 2014 Maryland Writers’ Conference.

Lauren Clark PhotoCatch up with Lauren Clark, a Maryland Writers’ Conference agent, if you can. Wear your running shoes or make it easier on yourself and register for a practice pitch.

Carolee Noury: Your Twitter profile says “Cincinnatian at heart.” What do you miss most?

Lauren Clark: I can only narrow it down to my top three: Mio’s Pizza, Half Price Books, and the abundance of unmetered parking.

CN: What do you like best about your job?

LC: I feel fortunate to have a job that lets me mix the creative and business-oriented parts of my brain. In a typical day I’ll read and respond to an author about her proposal, and then think through a contract negotiation. I enjoy that balance; I wouldn’t want to do all one or all the other.

CN: What inspires you?

LC: My colleagues at Kuhn Projects, daily.

CN: What has been your most meaningful project to date?

LC: I handled the foreign rights for Escape from Camp 14 by former Washington Post reporter Blaine Harden. Escape was the true account of the life of Shin Dong-hyuk, the only person born into a North Korean prison camp who was able to escape and make it to the West. I got to meet Shin briefly, and I was also in constant contact with Blaine because the book sold extremely well overseas. It became an international bestseller and was translated into more than 25 languages. I was so happy for Blaine and Shin each time another foreign publisher bought the rights to the book. I’m grateful to have been involved in that book, even a little bit.

CN: What’s your idea of happiness?

LC: A long, tiring run in the woods.

CN: What is your favorite DC haunt?

LC: The fiction section of Kramer’s or the National Gallery of Art.


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