Exhibitor Tables at the Maryland Writers’ Conference

The 2014 Maryland Writers’ Conference is offering a limited number of tables in the exhibitor area for authors, publishers, editorial service providers, and others who offer products and services of interest to writers. The details are below.

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Join us at our annual conference on April 26, 2014. Our theme will be “Feed Your Writing Habit.” Many experienced writers as well as new writers will be coming for a great day of instruction and networking. Being a part of this event, as an exhibitor, will assist in showcasing your organization to both professional and future professional writers.

The Maryland Writers Association has made special arrangements with the Convention Center at the Maritime Institute to provide tables for exhibitors. There is a limited number of these tables. All tables decisions will be based on a on a “First Come” basis. The cost of the tables is as follows:

Table (including lunch for one person, electricity, Wi-Fi, an easel for signage): $150.00
Additional person (includes lunch): $65.00

Any person or organization wishing to have a table for this exciting conference is encouraged to contact Gary Lester at conference@marylandwriters.org.

All exhibitors are responsible for collection of any Maryland State Sales Tax. All exhibitors are required to abide by the Terms of Service Agreement.

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2 Comments to “Exhibitor Tables at the Maryland Writers’ Conference”

  1. Hi Guys,
    Is there a plan for how or if the conference presenters will be able to sell books?
    Do we need to rent a table space or is there some other plan for us?

  2. Jerry,

    This is FYI, in case ESWA would like a table.


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