MWA Baltimore is Developing a Member Book Catalog!

The Baltimore Chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association is putting together a catalog of books written by MWA members. The chapter is inviting MWA members who are book authors to submit dust-cover description of their titles, as well as information on where people may purchase their books — for example, “Available on Amazon.”

This catalog will be printed and available at the table during the Baltimore Book Festival and at other literary and arts events in which the Maryland Writers’ Association is a participant.

In the future, MWA hopes to be able to offer an enhanced version of the catalog on the MWA website, with links that will allow people to buy your books through Amazon and other online vendors.

Authors may submit multiple titles, but depending on the number of submissions, MWAB reserves the right to limit entries to one title per author. So, when submitting multiple titles, please designate the titles in order of preference. Please do not send long links with random characters for the direct link to the book itself!

To be included in the catalog, send the dust-cover descriptions, genres, and how-to-buy information to chapter president Ken Gauvey at with “MWA Catalog” in the subject line. All submissions must be received by September 10. The Baltimore Chapter of the MWA will manage the layout, structure, formatting, and all other creative aspects of the catalog printing.

Also, the Baltimore Chapter is actively soliciting authors for two-hour time slots at the MWA booth at the Baltimore Book Festival on September 27-29. Authors will be able to talk about, sign, and offer their books for sale to the public. The hours of the festival are Friday and Saturday 12-8 and Sunday, 12-7. The Baltimore Chapter will not be offering any other book sale opportunities at the MWA booth outside of these two-hour signings. Authors will be expected to bring their own books, manage their own sales (including state and federal sales taxes), and remove their books when their time is completed. These time slots will go very quickly, so if you are interested, please contact chapter president Ken Gauvey at ASAP.

Just a few more examples of how the Maryland Writers’ Association supports its members!


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