Volunteer Chair for the 2014 MWA Conference Needed

The Maryland Writers’ Association is looking for a volunteer Conference Chair to help us plan the 2014 Maryland Writers’ Conference in April 2014. If this sounds like an opportunity that you or someone you know would be a great match for, please take a look at the duties and qualifications below and get in touch with us at conference@marylandwriters.org!


As chair of the conference committee, the chair will work with the committee to:

  • Recruit and supervise a small team of volunteers
  • Develop the schedule of events and programs
  • Recruit, vet, and approve a keynote speaker and a wide range of qualified panelists and presenters
  • Identify and contact potential sponsors and vendors
  • Publicize the event through broadcast, print, and social media
  • Report regularly to the MWA Board
  • Work closely with the conference planner, who is responsible for negotiating agreements and contracts
  • And the requisite “other duties as assigned”


To be considered, candidates must:

  • Be a current member of the Maryland Writers’ Association
  • Have prior experience chairing or serving on a conference committee, or other comparable professional or volunteer experience
  • Possess, and be willing to reach out to, a broad range of personal and professional contacts in the Maryland literary community
  • Enjoy working with a team
  • Be outgoing, proactive, responsive, and good at spotting and solving problems
  • Have a flexible schedule that will accommodate meetings, calls, and unforeseen events as required

The conference chair will need to be able to commit to at least 10-20 hours per month, and quite probably more as we get closer to the date of the conference. It’s a serious commitment, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun this year. We have hired a professional conference planner to handle the hardest stuff, leaving the conference committee to focus on what we do best — finding terrific speakers who will blow the attendees’ socks off.

If you’ve read this far having checked off all the items on the lists above — or if you know someone who is qualified — then please drop the Maryland Writers’ Conference committee a line at conference@marylandwriters.org today!

Please note: at this time, the conference committee is not recruiting conference volunteers (other than the conference chair) or accepting proposals for conference programming. These opportunities will be announced on the conference page when we are ready for them. Thanks for understanding!


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