MWA’s New Website is Packed with Useful Features for Members and Non-Members Alike

website-grabAfter nearly six months of work by the MWA’s web team, the organization’s new website soft-launched on Thursday. A complete top-to-bottom revamp, the new MWA website offers a lot of exciting features that will benefit members and chapters alike. The web team says that there are even more features that will be rolled out gradually in the coming months.

On the site, you’ll find many new and familiar tools and resources, including:

  • An online store
  • A calendar of upcoming meetings and events
  • Faster and easier secure online payments for memberships and store purchases
  • Links to our chapters throughout the state
  • Information about critique groups
  • The latest news on the 2014 Maryland Writers’ Conference

In addition, the site features a brand-new Member Area where members can:

  • Renew their memberships
  • Edit and update their member profiles
  • Find and connect with other MWA members by name, genre or discipline, services offered, and business name
  • Respond to surveys that will help MWA fine-tune its program offerings
  • Post and respond to exclusive members-only classified ads for products and services
  • Find exclusive members-only downloads include newsletter back issues, pamphlets, brochures, and information about MWA
  • Identify prospects for memberships or sponsorships
  • View their order histories from the online store

“We’re especially pleased with the Member Area,” says MWA President Paul Lagasse. “Members can use the networking tools to find other writers who share their interests.” Members will have the option to display websites, mailing addresses, writing interests, skills, and other information in their member profiles.

Current and recently-lapsed members received an e-mail on Saturday with instructions for logging into the site’s Member Area. If you didn’t receive the e-mail and you believe you are a paid-up member, please contact MWA’s Membership Chair Bryan England at

The site, developed and hosted by the association management services firm Star Chapter, also “bakes in” many powerful administrative tools that will enable MWA officers to more effectively manage the organization from top to bottom. The state board and chapters will be able to use the site’s control panel to track membership applications and renewals in realtime, sign people up as members or add them to the mailing list from the field, manage state and chapter event registrations, conduct membership surveys and mass mailings, identify and contact fundraising prospects, and much more.

“We get all of this for less than we were paying for fewer services before,” says Carolee Noury, MWA vice president and acting treasurer. “In other words, we’re getting much more for much less, which allows us to be better stewards of the MWA’s financial and volunteer resources.”

The new site will be managed by a team of two MWA members with a lot of web experience between them. Howard County Chapter president Glen Spangler will serve as the site’s Content Manager; Jeff Wiegand, Senior Developer at, will be the site’s Technical Manager.

If you haven’t already checked out the new site, please kick the tires and let us know what you think. And if you spot any glitches or quirks, let us know that too!


One Comment to “MWA’s New Website is Packed with Useful Features for Members and Non-Members Alike”

  1. Great job, web team! Looks great–can’t wait to go play on the new site.

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