MWA is Looking for a Volunteer Webmaster

MWA is preparing to launch a new state website, and the new site is in need of a webmaster. Our current webmaster, Carl Rauscher, will be stepping down after more than two years on the job. Thank you for all your hard work keeping the old site running, Carl!

Our fresh new website will serve as a hub for improved communications between and among the state and chapters, members, and the communities we serve. It’s going to do a lot of amazing things, and it needs an amazing webmaster to help us realize the new site’s full potential.

We’re looking for someone who is independent, responsible, reliable, proactive, and possessed of a problem-solving, troubleshooting mindset. The webmaster will be expected to:

  • Write clean copy and require minimal editorial supervision
  • Proactively request information for website updates from MWA chapters and members and from the communities we serve
  • Respond to website-related requests from the board, members, and others in a timely fashion
  • Report to the MWA President and Vice President as an appointed member of the state board

The ideal candidate will have extensive experience maintaining content on either an organizational website (business or nonprofit) or a large or complex personal website. Experience with a website CMS such as WordPress is required; StarChapter, Joomla, or Drupal experience would float your name to the top of the list. Communications, web writing, marketing, and/or journalism experience and/or degrees would be plusses too.

The anticipated time commitment would be between 8-10 hours per month, with spikes around special events such as the Maryland Writers’ Conference, biennial board elections, etc. The work can be done from home. High-speed internet access is required.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then please contact MWA president Paul Lagasse at for more information or to apply.

And please feel free to share this announcement!


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