Teen Writers’ Clubs Need Volunteers

The Teen Writers’ Clubs of the Maryland Writers’ Association, a growing network of after-school writing programs for aspiring writers ages 13-17, are looking for MWA members who are willing to volunteer a few hours a month to help launch new clubs in schools and libraries across the state. Diane Booth, the program’s coordinator, seeks people who can help organize new clubs, recruit and train organizers, spearhead publicity, work as library liai sons, and develop and maintain club websites, among other possibilities.

“I believe that there are many teen writers out there who feel isolated,” says Booth, a longtime member of the Maryland Writers’s Association. “Writing can be a lonely activity.” Inspired to find a way to bring them together, Booth — a freelance writer, author, and former teacher and tutor with the Baltimore County Public School’s Home and Hospital program — approached the MWA’s board with the idea of setting up writing clubs throughout the state. Today, with three active clubs and a new club about to launch, the Teen Writers’ Club program has begun to find its momentum. But to continue to grow, says Booth, more volunteers are needed.

The purpose of the Teen Writers’ Clubs is to provide teenaged writers with a safe and supportive meeting place where they can improve their skills under the guidance of writing mentors, get inspired by meeting guest authors, and make new friends with fellow young writers.

Booth says that volunteers are asked to commit just a few hours a month by visiting clubs and participating in periodic conference calls. Responsibilities for running clubs will be divided among committee members to help ensure that time commitments remain reasonable. Booth explains that the clubs’ Advisory Committee meets annually in person, but volunteers who live far from the meeting location can participate remotely via Skype.

If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about the Teen Writers’ Clubs, please contact Teen Writers’ Club Coordinator Diane Booth at teenwriters@marylandwriters.org.


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