MWA Board Announces New President and Vice President

December 18, 2012 — The Board of the Maryland Writers’ Association announced today that Paul Lagasse and Carolee Noury are the new President and Vice President, respectively, in a special election following the resignation of the previous President, Jim Heimberg.

Paul is the immediate past Vice President and Carolee is the immediate past Treasurer of the MWA. They will serve out the remainder of the current board term, which expires on June 30, 2014.

Paul, who was elected vice president in June, is an Annapolis-based freelance writer/editor. He was the founding president of the MWA’s Baltimore chapter and has served on the MWA board as webmaster and member-at-large. He is the current editor of Pen in Hand, the MWA’s quarterly newsletter. Paul can be reached at

Carolee, who has been treasurer since July, is a Rockville-based career counselor. She was also elected secretary for the new Montgomery chapter of the MWA. A writer by “obsession,” Carolee believes social networking is crucial for being a successful writer today. Carolee can be reached at.

Paul and Carolee look forward to working with MWA members and the rest of the Maryland writing community.


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