2012 MWA Writers Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 2012 winners of the Maryland Writers Association contests in the following categories:

Historical Novel winners

Gold: “The Wager” by Cassandra Pennington

Silver: “War of 1812-Impressed” by Leslie Cooney

Bronze: “Venus and Venlazquez” by Barbara Mujica

Mainstream Literary Novel winners

Gold: “Welcome to Bethesda” by Derek Lee

Silver: “The Empress of India” by Iain S. Baird

Bronze: “Silenced Voices” by Teresa Scalzo

Sci-Fi Novel winners

Gold: “Pilot Program” by Sarah Pinsker

Silver: “Juggler’s Blade” by Robert Niccolini

Bronze: “Ice King” by Peter Wetzel

Young Adult Novel winners

Gold: “River Magic” by Jim Brown

Silver: “Nina and the Bodaway” by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Bronze: “I’m Not Weird, Just Quiet” by Jeffrey Wiegand

Nonfiction Short Work winners

Gold: “Walking with My Father” by Alix Moore

Silver: “Trout Fishing in Idaho” by Henry S. Parker

Bronze: “Beauty Secret” by Murray Edwards

Fiction Short Work winners

Gold: “Killbox” by Jack King

Silver: “When Vivian Greer Came to Sing” by Jessica Gregg

Bronze: “Imagining Iraq” by Barbara Mujica

Poetry winners

Gold: “Forty Years Later: What I Know” (P41) by Lalita Noronha

Silver: “Study Hall” (P7) by Janice Lynch Schuster

Bronze: “Easter, 1952” (P59) by Susan Moger


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