Montgomery Chapter Approved at Annual Meeting

Attendees at the MWA’s 2012 Annual Meeting voted unanimously to approve the charter application by the Montgomery Chapter. The chapter becomes the fifth MWA chapter to form.

Following a brief presentation by Alix Moore and Judy Kelly recapping the formation of the chapter that began with a call for volunteers on the MWA Discussion list in April, MWA Annapolis President Rolf Renner moved that the charter application be accepted. Sonia Linebaugh, MWA Contest Coordinator and incoming Board Member at Large, seconded; Nicole Schultheis, MWA President for the 2010-12 board term, called for a voice vote, and all the voting members gave a resounding “aye!”

The chapter’s initial meeting schedule will alternate between the second Wednesdays and the second Saturdays of each month at the Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts (aka the VisArts Center), 155 Gibbs Street, in Rockville ( The chapter’s first order of business will be to elect officers. The chapter plans to launch a website soon, but in the meantime please contact Alix Moore at alix@tappingthewellwithin for meeting details.

The Montgomery County Chapter joins active chapters in Annapolis, Baltimore, Carroll County, and Howard County. The chapter in Frederick is currently inactive, although the Board has decided to keep its charter active in the hopes that volunteers will step forward to serve as chapter officers.

Congratulations to the new Montgomery County chapter, and thanks to Alix, Judy, and all the MWA members in and around Montgomery County who came together to launch the chapter!

UPDATE: 6/28/12

The Montgomery County Chapter’s first official meeting will be held July 11, 2012, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the VisArts Center in Rockville Town Center,

Agenda: The July meeting is mostly a housekeeping meeting to address the start-up needs of our new chapter. However, we are excited to shine the spotlight on affiliate member Larry Mathews, who will be sharing his just-released novel Saving Charles.

There will also be a short open mic session. For general questions, contact interim chapter president Alix Moore at To participate in the open mic session, please contact interim secretary Carolee Noury at

And be sure to save the date for the chapter’s August meeting, Saturday, August 11, 2012, from 10:00 a.m.-noon at the VisArts Center in Rockville. Speaker Alix Moore will talk about “Freeing the Genie Within: How to Use Meditation to Connect to Your Creativity (And Why You Might Want To).”


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