Good Writing is Rewriting

by Ariel Paz

We have all heard it said, “Writing is rewriting.” As a newly published author, I would make a stronger statement. Good writing is rewriting. Anyone can sit down, throw something on paper, and call it writing. The question is “What quality of writing do I want to put out?”

As I rewrote many of my chapters time after time, I wondered if I would ever finish the book, and — more importantly — how I would know when I was finished. I began to notice that with each rewrite my sentences became clearer, more succinct. Descriptions became more vivid and emotions began to surface. Structure developed and paragraphs nestled into each other more closely. As a mother watches her child develop and mature, so it was with me and my book. Moreover, like waiting for a child grow up, it is a process that can’t be rushed.

Good writing takes time, discipline, and patience. Quality writing, at least for me as a new writer, doesn’t come the first time. It must be sifted and refined, as if looking for the golden nuggets in the river of language that will express exactly what I want to convey.

It also comes with having a calm, clear mind. I can never sit down and write when my mind is cluttered and turbulent or if I have a million things on my to-do list. There must be time and space to allow my thoughts to flow onto the paper at a gentle pace.

So, the next time you feel frustrated with the writing process, I encourage you to take a break, and then come back and work on the rewrite. It will all be worth it when, in the end, you have produced a manuscript that expresses exactly what you wanted to say as well as how you wanted to say it. Happy writing!

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Visit Ariel at and check out her new book The Power of Faith, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.


One Comment to “Good Writing is Rewriting”

  1. Thanks so much for the insights! I do have one question, (was not sure where to leave this on the blog) – might u know of any medical/health insurance available to writers?

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