Nominations Sought for MWA Board

Elections for the 2012-2014 Board will be held at the MWA Annual Meeting in June (details forthcoming). Immediate past President and Chair of the Nominating Committee Sonia Linebaugh is encouraging MWA members to run for the following open positions:

  • President: presides over the Executive Committee, Board, and annual membership meetings. Directs or supervises all MWA activities, serving as an ex officio member of all committees.
  • Vice President: assists the President, mentors committees, and presides in lieu of the President. Also traditionally serves as the Board’s liaison to the Chapters.
  • Secretary: prepares and disseminates the minutes of Executive Committee, Board, and annual membership meetings.
  • Treasurer: accounts for all income, expenses, assets, and liabilities of MWA, maintains all funds and accounts, prepares the annual General Budget, and collects data required for taxes, grant accountability, and other financial disclosures.

In addition, the following Chair positions are open for nominees. Each of the chairs will be responsible for forming a Standing Committee and should strive to recruit volunteers to serve on it.

  • Development and Long-Range Planning: handles development, sponsor recruitment, and long-range planning of the MWA, its chapters, and associated components.
  • Communications: publicizes MWA activities to members and the public, and initiates and responds to media requests.
  • Conference: manages all aspects of planning and organizing the annual Maryland Writers Conference.
  • Publications: supervises the publication of all MWA newsletters, journals, and books.
  • Programs: develops and manages writing contests, awards, critique groups, and other programs and events offered by MWA or in which MWA participates.
  • Membership: receives and processes membership applications and dues, and maintains accurate dues status and contact information for all members.

All Board positions are two-year terms, and require attendance at bimonthly Board meetings in addition to interim meetings of standing committees on an as-needed basis. If you are interested in tossing your hat into the ring, or would like to find out more information about the responsibilities involved, e-mail Sonia at


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