Member Discount Offered for Self-Publishing Seminar

MWA members Ally Peltier and Angela Render have announced a 30% discount to MWA members who register for their Self-Publishing Success Intensive (SPSI) before March 15. The discount is equal to a savings of $100 over the regular registration fee.

The SPSI will be held in Columbia, MD, on March 31.

To register and take advantage of the discount, visit You’ll be asked to provide your MWA Member ID Number when you register. If you don’t know your membership number, contact the MWA Membership Chair.

The SPSI is:

“. . . an all-day, info-packed seminar designed to help you self-publish your book the right way. That is, the way that’s best for your book and your unique circumstances—not an attempt to emulate what the big publishers do or a violent rejection of the usual publishing process. This event isn’t just for would-be novelists, either: publishing a book can raise your visibility, attract ideal clients, and establish you as an expert in your field, so professionals of many types will find value in the SPSI.

“Join publishing insider Ally Peltier and Internet marketing expert Angela Render and learn everything you need to know for self-publishing success. You’ll also get pre-event trainings and tons of resources you’ll turn to for years to come.”

Topics covered in the all-day seminar include:

  • Publishing secrets most people won’t tell you (or don’t know!)
  • Choosing the right medium for your book
  • Assembling a power team of professionals
  • Building a marketing platform
  • Crafting a business plan
  • Maximizing opportunities and circumventing obstacles
  • Using blogs and social media to sell more books
  • Building, managing, and nurturing a mailing list
  • Crafting a sales message
  • . . . and more

For more information about the Self-Publishing Success Intensive, visit


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