Help MWA Bring Creative Writing to Maryland High School Students

The MWA Board recently approved a project to develop Teen Writers’ Clubs for a one-year trial period. The project focuses on high school students who like to write. Many schools do not have extracurricular activities for those students except, perhaps, a school newspaper that offers only one kind outlet for writing. The club will operate under the guidance of a club leader, plus several assistants who, in turn, will be guided by the Teen Advisory Team. The Advisory Team will report to the MWA Board of Directors. Clubs can be located in an area chosen by the club leader, with the approval of the Advisory Team. Each will be organized and run independent of school systems and assignments.

Volunteers are needed to form an Advisory Committee that will provide oversight and guidance to each club. During the trial period, only one club will be started to determine if the project is viable. If it is, then more clubs could be started in the 2010-2011 time period. If you would like to read the full proposal, or if you are interested in serving on the Advisory Team, please contact project coordinator Diane Booth.


One Comment to “Help MWA Bring Creative Writing to Maryland High School Students”

  1. Hello Diane.

    I am a national member of the MWA. I ran across this blog and the Teen/high school writing project is interesting to me. Is the Teen Writing Club pilot complete? Please let me know how this worked out because I may want to present this project to the HoCo MWA if it was deemed a viable program.

    Monica James
    Publicity Director
    MWA HoCo Chapter

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