MWA Chapters Need Your Help!

Want to find other writers in your neck of the woods? Looking for colleagues with whom you can discuss everything from plotting to publishing? Have a desire to share your writing with the public? Would you like to have famous writers and editors come hang out with you and share their secrets and behind-the-scenes stories?

Why not start an MWA chapter? Or work with fellow MWA members in your area to get one going?

Chapters bring local communities of writers together through regular meetings, programs, and events of interest — while in turn benefitting from the resources of the well-established statewide parent organization. Those benefits includes things like seed money and speaker stipends, a bank account for chapter funds, chapter website hosting and maintenance, regular announcement placements in MWA publications and e-mails, and access to statewide press releases.

Once chartered, chapters are run by elected officers who provide a venue and programming for local monthly meetings. Chapters, like the parent organization, are encouraged to run their own programs of guest speakers on topics of interest to local writers in the area.

If you’d like help establishing a thriving local community of writers in your area, please e-mail Vice-President Gary Lester.

Here’s the latest chapter news:

Annapolis Chapter

There is growing interest in rekindling the Annapolis-area community of MWA members around a new Annapolis chapter. If you are interested in helping make this happen, please e-mail MWA Vice-President Gary Lester for more information.

Frederick Chapter

The newly-launched Frederick Chapter meets monthly at the beautiful and recently-renovated C. Burr Artz Library, 110 East Patrick Street, adjacent to Frederick’s riverfront walk. E-mail chapter president Linda Alexander for more information.

Baltimore Chapter

The first MWA chapter to launch, the Baltimore Chapter meets on the fourth Mondays of every month except December, at 7pm. Locations vary around Baltimore City and the Greater Baltimore area. The chapter is co-sponsored by the CityLit Project and the Write Here, Write Now workshops at the Creative Alliance. E-mail chapter president Paul Lagasse for more information, or visit the chapter website for the latest news and sign up to receive e-mail news and updates.


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